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OST File Size Limit in Microsoft Outlook 2016/13/10/07

Disclaimer: The complete article tells users regarding Outlook OST file size limit. As, we all know that for understanding size limit of OST file in Outlook we need to come across Outlook and its data file OST. So, connect to the write-up and find out all the issues and concerns regarding Outlook OST files.

So, let’s gear up and understand de facto regarding OST data file

General Trivia: Outlook and its Data Files

Many users are aware of Outlook mailing client. The mailing client provides users with a facility of mailing and helps in maintaining folders like address books, calendars, notes, journals, etc. MS Outlook saves all the data of a profile in data files. Outlook provides two variants for the process, i.e., PST and OST. Personal Storage files can be named as one and other as Offline Storage Table. The OST files save the offline replica of MS Exchange Mailboxes. In contrary to it, PST functions independently on the servers. OST files are generally created when these files are configured with Exchange Server.

Technical Minutiae: OST Data File and Its Particulars

As we have already jotted it above that the Offline Folders are generated when Exchange Server is in Offline Mode. If a user needs to access the mailbox, not connected to the Exchange Server in that case, the offline mailbox needs to be configuring the MS Outlook with Exchange Server. While the entire process is done, in such case, all the mails and work connected to Server can be configured with MS Outlook. The offline storage works best in many cases like network issues, no network, server downtime, in case the user is offline. Using OST files, users can easily work with emails anywhere in network. But, there is a flaw in OST Files that they cannot be backed up individually while configured with Server.

When configured with Server for creating an OST file, the Cached Mode should be enabled or in such case, the OST file is not generated. OST files are the exact replica of mailboxes stored in the Exchange Server that is served as cache.

Locating the Offline Storage Files

For Windows 7 and Vista: C:\ Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

For Windows XP: C:\ Documents and Settings\Users\Local Settings Application\Data\ Microsoft Outlook

OST File Size Limit

The UNICODE OST File size for Outlook 2007 is 20 GB. But, by default for MS Outlook 16/10/7, it is 50 GB. In addition to it, the technical limit of the Outlook OST file is 4096 TB (4 PB). The default file size limit can be increased. The file size limit of ANSI OST file for Outlook 2002/XP is 2GB.

Create OST File in Different Windows Arena

A) For Microsoft Outlook 2016/ 2013/ 2010

  • Open File tab present on ribbon >> Click Info
  • Select Account Settings >> MS Exchange
  • Double click MS Exchange >> Hit more settings
  • Select Advance tab >> Choose Outlook Data File Setting // for Outlook 2013
  • In the file box, Give path >> Click Ok >> Save files

B) For Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • Open Tools Menu >> opt for Account Settings
  • Select Exchange >> double click on MS Exchange
  • Select More Settings >> Advance tab settings
  • Click Offline OST files >> Give OST file Path
  • Hit OK button >> Select Save Offline Storage file

Note: By default, the OST files are saved as OST only. But, if the files exist previously type a new name. Users would even get the message like abc.ost not found. Will you like to create it again? Click on OK option for this.

C) For Outlook 2002 and 2003

  • Select Tools from menu and click E-mails account
  • View & change existing Mail account, select Next
  • Process emails in Outlook as orderbox >> Exchange Server
  • Click Exchange Server >> Change button >>More Settings >> and then advance tab
  • Click on OST file settings>>in filebox type path as .ost >> click OK & save

TIP: Microsoft Outlook must be connected to MS Exchange Server for creating and synchronizing the Offline Folder files.

How to View Size of OST file in Windows 10/13/16

  • Open MS Outlook >> Select File>> Account Settings >> Data Files >> Locate OST
  • Open location of OST file. Afterwards open the Registered Outlook Profile.
  • Right Click on Profile >> Properties. From properties check the OST file size

For Windows 2007

  • Open Command Prompt and press Windows+R key and type control panel in CMD.
  • Select Mail. It opens a pop-up box displaying Profile >> Add >> Profile Name >> Enter your credentials.
  • Choose Next >> Select E-mail Service >> MS Exchange.
  • Enter your credentials like Username, password and IP address

Note: If you don’t have an Exchange Account, create an Exchange Profile.

  • Open MS Outlook >> Tools >> Account Settings >> Data Files >> Open Folder >> Select File >> Get File Size

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Disclaimer: The complete article tells users regarding Outlook OST file size limit. As, we all know that for understanding size limit of OS...


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