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Outlook Error 0x800ccc92 While Sending & Receiving Emails

As an Outlook user, many of us have received different kinds of errors every now and then. Error 0x800ccc92 is another such instance encountered with MS Outlook error during sending/receiving emails. The complete error message that you may receive is shown below: “Receiving reported error (0x800ccc92): Your email server rejected your login.”

Cause of This Error

Following are the reasons of receiving the above message:
  • Due to false entry of user-name and password
  • Incorrect Outlook configuration settings
  • Once PST file crosses its fixed file size limit
  • Due to corrupted Outlook PST data file
  • Sometimes failure of POP3 and SMTP Protocol in database server connection can also display this error message whenever you try to send or receive any mails using Outlook
  • When Outlook is not closed properly or it may be closed abruptly so you must close Outlook properly once finished your work
  • Applied wrong settings on Outlook while configuring the account
  • Failure of POP3 & SMTP protocols from the server regularly
  • Improper synchronization between Outlook and server
  • Due to virus Infection in your Outlook PST data

Manual Procedure to Fix Error 0x800ccc92

Correct Your User Name and Password

  • Sometimes if you have entered the wrong username and password at that time, also you may face problem during sending/receiving emails in MS Outlook. So to resolve this issue make sure all the parameters under User information and Password information section are fulfilled properly.

Investigate Your Web Server Settings

  • Make sure that the email server settings are correct, i.e. POP, SMTP, IMAP etc. Once you get it; re-add your account. If you are not sure about your server settings, see the below table and try to correct it accordingly:

NOTE: The above settings are for Gmail and Hotmail account. In case if you have connected your own domain.com account into Outlook then in that situation you need to use your domain.com account settings (To have the correct settings, you can contact your domain provider).

Cleanup Mailbox if the Size of PST File is Too Large

  • If the PST file exceeds its size limitation, then it may result as a host of new problems for you. As a result, the error 0x800CCC92 is received. When you optimize the PST file, it will not only counter this error from re-appearing, but also improve the overall functioning of the application. To optimize Microsoft Outlook, just do the following:
1) Setting Up Auto-Archiving in Outlook 2013
  • Open your Outlook >> click on File >> click on Options
  • Under Outlook Options box, click on the Advanced
  • Under AutoArchive, click on the AutoArchive Settings... button

  • Set the option Run AutoArchive every equal to the value 14 days
  • Leave all the box marked as shown in the screenshot below then click OK
2) Manually executing Auto Archive
  • Launch your Outlook >> click on File >> click on Cleanup Tools
  • Click on Archive… option

  • Now select manually what you want to archive.
3) Fetching the Archived Items Folder

Sometimes the Archived Folders do not appear until your old messages are successfully archived for the very first time.

Follow these steps to search and view an archived item:
  • Launch Outlook and click on the File tab >> click on Open & Export
  • Click on the Open Outlook Data File
  • From Open Outlook Data File box, select the file you want to open (The file you select will appear in the File Name text box) and click on the OK button.
DISCLAIMER: The name of the data file you opened will arrive in the Navigation pane, below your ordinary set of folders.

Follow these steps to determine the name of the archive data file that you want to open
  • Click on the File tab >> click to select the Cleanup Tools button >> click on Archive button
  • Take a glance at the Archive File text box and make sure that you are not modifying any of the data information; otherwise, Outlook can send your archived items elsewhere. The information in the Archive File text box is usually complex with colons, slashes as well as all those word that normal people can’t remember.
Follow these steps to close the archive data file
  • Under the Folder pane, right-click on the name of the Archive data file select Close Archive.
4) Clearing Your Deleted Items Folder
  • Before you clear your Deleted Items folder, if you accidentally deleted a message that you do not wish to delete, go to Deleted Items folder, and you’ll find the item(s) listed in the folder.
  • To recover deleted items from Deleted Items folder, you need to simply drag those PST items from Deleted folder and drag it to the preferred folder.
  • To clean up your Deleted Items folder, right-click on the Deleted Items folder and select Empty Folder option.
Follow these steps to set Outlook 2013 for emptying your Deleted Items folder every time you exit
  • Go to the File tab >> click on Options >> click on Advanced tab.
  • Under Outlook Start and Exit >> checkmark the box to select the option Empty Deleted Items Folder upon Exiting
  • Click on OK to clear your Deleted Items folder automatically
  • To be notified just before the Deleted Items folders are cleared automatically, click to go to the Advanced Tab and choose the Prompt for Confirmation before permanently deleting Items check box.

Advanced Method to Solve the Sending/Receiving Error

It has always been seen that due to large size of your PST file you may not able to recover them even using Inbox Repair tool since it used to recover smaller sized PST file and hence when you try to recover larger sized PST file, it may result as a time taking process for you. Therefore, to resolve such kind of issues you may need to opt for a Third Party Tool like PST Repair Tool which I would recommend you based on my experience with the tool, which may help you to recover your PST file no matter what size it is.
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As an Outlook user, many of us have received different kinds of errors every now and then. Error 0x800ccc92 is another such instance encou...


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