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Techniques to Download Office 365 Mailbox to PST File Format


In today’s arena, users are preferring to migrate data from On-premises to the cloud. One of the most commonly used cloud-based collaboration suite is Microsoft Office 365. The data stored on cloud these days easily becomes the target of common cyber criminal activities like online fraud, cyber terrorism or warfare, etc. Therefore, web-based email application (like Office 365) users want to export/ download Office 365 mailbox to PST file format on their local machine for preventing their data from any misuse.


The following is one of the frequently asked questions regarding Office 365 on various forum sites.

“We want to copy all the data from Exchange Online user accounts to Outlook data file. Please suggest the shortest and most convenient method to do so!”

Forums are flooded with similar queries as stated above. To provide a solution to the users, we will discuss procedures to transfer/ copy Exchange Online mailboxes to Personal Storage Table files.

How to Download Office 365 Mailbox to PST?

In this section, we will discuss two most commonly used techniques to move/ save data from Microsoft cloud suite to on-premises. Below-mentioned are two ways by which we can export/ save Office 365 mailbox to Outlook PST file format:

1. Technique Using an Inbuilt Tool:

It involves usage of an inbuilt application named eDiscovery PST Export Tool. The service is provided by Office 365 for saving/ moving the Office 365 mails into Outlook PST. Office 365 saves/ exports all emails using following measures:
  1. Login into your Office 365 account.
  2. Scroll down the LHS of window and expand Admin for selecting Exchange option. 
  3. An Exchange Admin Center page will open. On that page under permissions menu, select admin roles
  4. Now double click on Discovery Management option. 
  5. Role Group window will display. Select Mailbox Import Export role and Add yourself as member. 
  6. After finishing with above all functioning, click on Save button.
  7. Now again go to EAC welcome page and under Compliance management menu, click on in-place eDiscovery & hold
  8. Click on + sign that open new in-place eDiscovery & hold page and mention the credentials required on that window.
  9. Click on Next button.
  10. Select the mailbox that you want to query and then click on Next button.
  11. In the next window appearing on your screen if all options are highlighted than it indicates that admin permissions are not enabled. Hence, again review the permissions and Log out & again log in your Office 365 account.
  12. Continue process if no issue occurs by mentioning the text that you want to search and then click on Next button. Then Click on Save button.
  13. After that the new in-place eDiscovery & hold page will be closed and you will be back on EAC page.
  14. Click on Down Arrow button to download emails in PST file format. Complete the parameter required on eDiscovery PST Export Tool as per your requirement and Click on Start. You can see Down Arrow button in below image.


The limitation of above technique to download Office 365 mailbox to PST is that it is quite long and time-consuming procedure. Remember that if the internet connection gets slow then the procedure can also get terminated in between. To overcome the shortcomings of the manual method, let’s discover an alternative solution to this lengthy approach.

2. Transfer Office 365 Data to PST Using Third Party Application:

Using an automated software which is developed specifically to download Office 365 data is involved in this solution. One such solution is Office 365 Backup that saves Office 365 emails, contacts, and calendar in a very flawless manner just within few minutes and overcoming the limitations of technique using eDiscovery Tool. It exports Office 365 calendar into PST format as well as moves Office 365 contacts in the same format enabling many features like filtering data and much more.


In this article, we have studied about various ways to download Office 365 mailbox to PST. After discussing the two methods, we can say that using third party tool is more useful in comparison to Office 365 inbuilt function. This is so because, in backup applications, the users just have to give in their login credentials and the downloading is performed automatically. This saves time as well as ensures complete data backup.
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