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How to Restore Outlook Data after System Crash Manually

Microsoft Outlook is a platform, which is accepted globally for the storage of data and cross-communication. However, once the system is crashed, it becomes very annoying for Outlook users to retrieve the data once again. In fact, in some cases, it becomes impossible to restore the data back. Yes, system crash may even leave you in a situation where you cannot have your recover Outlook data manually. Now the question arises, how to restore Outlook data after system crash? Is it possible to do so manually as well? The answer is yes. It is possible until you can connect the old hard drive to a new system. We will come to this later along with an automatic solution to recover the Outlook data. However, before that let us learn two types of Outlook files and causes behind system crash.

PST File

  • Perform the actual storage
  • This file is a master copy
  • It stays on the server of the mail
  • PST file is associated with POP3 account
  • Used to generate backup/archives on the system
  • Best for IMAP, POP3, & web-based email accounts
  • It is not possible to disconnect this file from MS Outlook before any prior assigning of Exchange mailbox/PST

OST File

  • This is only a local collection
  • There is no need to backup this file
  • It is designed for “cached” storage
  • It is helpful if users want to access the data in offline mode
  • OST file is generated when users access Outlook in Cache mode

Factors Responsible Behind System Crash

These are some major reasons behind the crash of a system:

  • Power failure
  • Dirty system shutdown
  • Virus or malware attack
  • Hardware failure
  • Software failure
  • Error made by Humans and many more

Let us now proceed further, with the manual strategies to recover MS Outlook data.

Manual Tricks to Restore Outlook Data After System Crash

Method 1: Connect Hard Drive to Other System

If the hard drive is in healthy condition, users can connect it to other machine for the retrieval of Outlook files. Use a USB enclosure for old hard drive. Follow these steps further:

  • After the connection of old drive to a new machine, open Windows Explorer
  • Now, browse old drive
    • In Outlook 2010 or newer editions, PST files stored in Outlook Files folder under My Documents
    • In case, old system had Windows XP & an older edition of Outlook, the location of old PST file is:
    • [new_drive_letter]:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
    • In case, old system had Windows 7 / Vista or newer and an older edition of Outlook, the default position is
    • [new_drive_letter]:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
    • The files must be protected via permission settings. Therefore, to change the settings right click on the old username folder & go to Properties
    • Next, on General tab, unchecked Hidden, & click on Apply

Note: If Hidden is already unchecked, then you may change Hidden files & folders settings in Windows Explorer

  • Now, on Security tab, go to Edit and then click on Add. Give your new account or everyone "Full Control" & click on Apply.
  • Then, you can browse the folders to find your PST files & copy them to the new system. Unicode format PST file can use this file in the new profile. However, if it is in ANSI format, then you need to click on File>>Open>>Import, to import the file into Outlook 2010

Important Note: To recover OST files, you need to use a third party software.

Method 2: Use Scanpst.exe

It is an inbuilt utility designed to repair PST files. With this, users may repair both PST and OST. It checks all the errors & attempts to repair them. If the program unable to rectify the issue, it will display a message to recreate it. After the completion, the utility imports the data to the mailbox.

Manual Tricks Fails? Outlook Data Recovery Tool is the Key

Manual solutions are not reliable as they sometimes fail to provide an accurate result. This ultimately creates the need for a third-party tool. One such professional solution is Outlook data recovery software. It is designed with advanced algorithms to repair damaged or unhealthy PST files. After repairing the files, the software stores the recovered Outlook Data as PST, MSG, or EML.

Final Words

The above blog entails the user about how to restore Outlook data after the system crash. It brings forth different reasons behind the system break down along with the solutions. After going through the resolutions, it can be concluded that using a third party tool is a perfect solution. This makes the recovery of Outlook data easy, quick and less complicated unlike the manual procedure.

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Microsoft Outlook is a platform, which is accepted globally for the storage of data and cross-communication. However, once the system is cra...


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