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How to Split Oversized PST File Free in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Splitting is a procedure adopted by users when running out of space in their data repository. Outlook users are most common to get into a situation for the very reason that PST files usually run on a memory issue that, if gets worse, can lead to the data corruption. The risk of losing data is something no one dares to take, therefore; they look out for adopting ways to cut short the size of their data repository. However, as there are various workarounds that help achieve data division from a PST file. Thus, the following segment discusses the same and advises the one convenient from universal point of view that how to split oversized PST files in Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 mailbox.

Free Ways to Split Oversized PST File in Outlook 2013, 2010

The aim is to split data from the configured PST file such that no loss or compromise of data is faced. Thus, the following workarounds suggests freeways that help you divide and store data from one PST into two data files each.

NOTE: Having Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010 quite clearly means that the repository is generated as a Unicode type PST. Thus, two parts of the PST would be enough to store the data as Outlook 2013 and 2010 supports a Unicode file with storage capacity of up to 50 GB.

Export Data: You can export or move the data to a newly generated or existing PST file. Open the PST file / create a PST file and then use either of the options:

  • Export data from selected folder to a backup PST and save it at a location of your choice on the machine.
    • Go to File menu
    • Select Open
    • Click on Import
    • Select Export to a file
    • On clicking Next, the wizard will offer a number of options to save exported data as; PST, CSV, Access, Excel, etc.
    • Choose PST and choose the folder to be exported (include subfolder(s) if required)
    • Define the destination path and further advance settings to apply
  • You can either cut or copy and paste data selectively from the source PST to a PST file opened on Outlook or created on it.
    • Copy / cut items
    • Go to the other PST file
    • Create a separate/new folder if required
    • Paste the items and close the PST file

Archive Data

A rather more automated method of doing the same procedure is by archiving your account data. In archiving, Outlook features Manual as well as automatic archiving of data. Choose whichever suits you and proceed with archiving your data to a new and separate PST file.

Split Oversized Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2013 PST File Effectively

When considering user convenience and other customizations to be provided to you during a split PST free procedure, a third party tool comes to better use. As compared to the aforementioned methods, a tool programmed and designed to split large PST file data mechanically can prove to be more convenient for users.

SysTools Split PST is one such program that features 4 different ways to split Outlook PST file free by date, year, folder and size to render customized and desired division of data. The software offers a greater list of other supporting features to benefit the procedure from which makes it all the more better than manually splitting a PST file. The software is completely safe as well as secure to perform the splitting of Outlook database.

Look Out For More Specialties in Split PST Tool

The PST Splitter free tool is built with some of the most surprisingly amazing lineaments that are featured in the below segment for an overview.

  • Safe to Use: Split PST software can be downloaded in a hassle free manner as it comes with the guarantee of containing no spyware’s, adware’s, and malware’s that could hamper your computer system and its data.
  • Processed With Simplifications: Not only technical users but even the novice users can split up their PST files with the experience of ease and simplicity as the front end of the tool that is meant to be used by the users is highly user-friendly and consists of no complexities.
  • Completeness Supplied: You can split your entire Outlook mail client data without putting in much effort as the tool is built with the technology that makes the tool capable of dividing your entire data.
  • Fragmentation And No Deletion: The Split PST tool is designed for the fragmentation of the oversized PST file and not for its deletion so you can perform the oversized Split PST procedure without any doubts as the entire data will remain intact and the retention of the metadata is also ensured.

Choice Is Yours!

With SysTools PST splitter software program the choice becomes yours as you get the option to split oversized PST file by date, selective folder, year, or size.

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Splitting is a procedure adopted by users when running out of space in their data repository. Outlook users are most common to get into a si...


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