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What is Whitelist in Microsoft Outlook

Do you want to create a list of entities in your Outlook whose E-mails and messages would never get interrupted by spamming or mail filters. As it leads them to Junk folder. Outlook provides you with a feature which enables you to categorize your senders in a way that each mail received from them would be considered a safe mail.
This feature of Outlook, marking sender as Safe is know as Outlook Whitelist.

What is a need to create Whitelist?

Many a times a mail is being expected from a sender but does not reach you in your Mailbox. This happens because that mail got considered either as a Spam, or interrupted by a firewall, or got in contact with a mail filter and went straight to Junk.
Thus you need a way to save your certain E-mails from getting to junk or filtered in Spam. This can be achieved by Outlook Whitlisting method.

Methods for creating Outlook Whitelist:

For different versions of Outlook, the methods and steps to create a Whitelist is different. For e.g., in Outlook 2016 you can add E-mail addresses in bulk to the Safe Sender’s list where as in previous versions you would add one address at a time.

For Outlook 2016/ 2013/ 2010:

1. To add a single E-mail address to a Whitelist simply select that E-mail, go to Home tab >> Junk >> Never Block Sender.
Or just right click on that sender’s mail >> Junk >> Never Block Sender.

2. To add multiple E-mail addresses to a Whitelist:
  • Go to Home tab >> Junk >> Junk E-mails options.

  • The Window which appears, in it select Safe Senders. Click on Add and write the email address.
For Outlook 2007/ 2003
1. Select the Message(to be marked safe) from mailbox.
2. In the Tools bar, go to Actions >> select Junk E-mail form menu.
3. Now, select Add Sender to the list.

For Outlook 2000 
1. Select the Mail from sender and open.
2. Right click on email address in From field.
3. Click Add to Contacts in menu >> OK.

Issues related to Outlook Whitelisting:

You have marked your sender as Safe sender, still the messages sent through her/him are moved to Junk folder.
This could happen because there are two Junk Mail filters involved. One being the Outlook Junk mail filter and other being the Server’s Junk Mail filter. So, even if a mail passes the Outlook filter, it might get caught in Server’s filter.
Thus to resolve such an issue you can create the same list even on the server if having problem with your Outlook Whitelist.

With Outlook Whitelisting, also comes Outlook Blacklist which allows the user to block a sender if found not suitable. Thus no mails and messages will be received from the blocked sender and thus being automatically deleted.
Thus, these features in Outlook help it’s users to manage the Mail box in a better way, by correctly differentiating between the White Lister's and the Black Lister's accordingly.
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Do you want to create a list of entities in your Outlook whose E-mails and messages would never get interrupted by spamming or mail filter...


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