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MS Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed - Error 0x8004010f

As you know, Outlook surfaces different types of errors, which has certain code in alphanumeric form along with a message explaining in brief about the error. These errors may occur in Outlook while performing different kinds of activities. One of the common activities that we usually perform in Outlook is Send/Receive. Have you ever received an error as shown below?

This error occurs in Outlook during Sending/Receiving process:

Possible Reason Towards Error 0x8004010f

After a lot of research, I discover a number of possibilities behind the error specifying: “! Task Sending reported error (0x8004010f):‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed.’” A few of certain causes that interrupt Outlook from sending/receiving emails include:
  • Outlook data files (PST) are located at the wrong place.
  • Outlook data files are moved to different location.
  • Current Outlook profile gets corrupted post its upgrade.
  • Outlook profile is not tested properly.

Manual Method To Resolve This Issue

Delete the current profile, create a new one and set it as default.

Most of the time Outlook Profile, related issues are responsible behind this error. Follow the method as described in the following steps.

Follow These Steps To Delete Your Current Outlook Profile:

  • Open your Control Panel >> go to All Control Panel Items tab >> click on Mail >> click on Show Profiles >> from here select the profile name and, click on Remove.
Follow these steps to create a new Outlook Profile:

  • Start your Control Panel >> click on All Control Panel Items >> click on Mail >> click on Show Profiles >> click on Add.
  • Provide a name for the newly created Outlook Profile and click on OK.
  • Fill in all the details correctly for Logon information, User information, as well as Server settings information to configure new Outlook Profile.
Follow These Steps to Set a New Outlook Profile as Default

  • Launch your MS Outlook >> click on File >> click on Account Settings again >> select the newly created profile (by clicking on that profile) >> select Set as default >> click on Close.

Change the Save Folder Location to Fix Generated Error 0x8004010f

  • Open your MS Outlook >> click on Account Settings >> click on Account Settings again.
  • Under the Email tab, select the default Outlook account >> click on Change Folder.
  • In the New E-mail Delivery Location, click on New Outlook Data File.
  • Provide a name for the new data file and click on OK.
  • Click on newly created Data file, expand it and select the Inbox folder and click on OK.
  • After you’ve clicked on OK button you’ll be on the previous screen, i.e. Account Settings, click on Change Folder option again.
  • Select your preferred Outlook data file to store into newly assigned location >> click on OK.
  • Close the screen for Account Settings and click on Send/Receive.

Advanced Fix

  • After you’ve re-created a new Outlook Profile, make sure your Outlook account has been completely removed. Moreover, note that you don’t receive any further errors before migrating the old PST emails to newly assigned location.
  • However, if Outlook shows the same error that specifying the following message: “Outlook data file cannot be accessed” then remove the client from Control Panel and reinstall it.
  • NOTE: In Outlook 2016, the error may occur with the same error code but with a different note, “0x8004010f: The Operation failed. An object could not be found.” To fix the error for Outlook 2016, migrate all the old the PST data files. Follow the same steps as given above.


The major cause behind this error is the corrupt Outlook Profile. To remove such a profile, you need to first delete it and then create a new one. In case your Outlook Profile is severely corrupted then this may potentially harm MS Outlook and cause issues with the Outlook performance. To resolve such errors you it is highly suggested to recover the affected Outlook profile data using a third party utility like Outlook PST Recovery tool. For Outlook 2016 configuration, the steps to migrate the old PST files may differ hence it is suggested follow the steps depending on the version of your Outlook.
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As you know, Outlook surfaces different types of errors, which has certain code in alphanumeric form along with a message explaining in bri...

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