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Top 10 basic features of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail application suite of Microsoft for e-mail management and related jobs. Over more than millions of users around the world choosing MS-Outlook because it’s easy to use, having handy interface and they are also getting incredible experience due to lots of characteristics. But, what’s making it differ from other e-mail client’s applications.
Home, business and schools, mostly everywhere users have a need of such an email client, which can help them to organize their tasks and make their life simple or easier.

Microsoft, has been released various versions of their Outlook series with more marvelous enhancing highlights in each version like color, sound, size, and other automating tasks.

Well, let’s see the top 10 some basic features of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Attachment with Reminder Feature: You can send any of your personal documents & data in an attachment via Ms–Outlook up-to 20MB in the e-mails. But, via using cloud storage you can send a file of 10 MB to 300GB. Even you can resize the attached photo in new MS-Outlook. If you are using MS exchange server account, then you can get the delivery information of both outgoing and incoming messages.

  • Signature: Have you tired of writing your signature in each e-mail? So let’s take the help of the signature option. With MS–Outlook you can create your own signature and make it fabulous through inserting business card, hyperlink, adding a picture etc.

  • Organize a calendar appointment: Using this option you can create a calendar appointment and schedule for your tasks on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. By adding subject, place and time on appointment you can briefly describe your future appointments (schedule) and can save your important time.

  • Create a Task: Lots of users write down their tasks on spreadsheets, papers or maybe use other methods. But at same platform of MS-Outlook you can create your task in a better and efficient way as well as track them.

  • Make Archive of your .PST and.OST files: It’s one of the useful key features of Microsoft for those users who deal with a huge amount of data and those who do not want to lose their important e-mails. MS-Outlook gives user a privilege to save his/her data to create archive files manually or automatically in .PST and. OST formats.

  • Enhance Security Feature: Apart from basic password protection services of Microsoft Outlook it’s also protect against from various spam issues, which generally users receive via MS-Outlook’s attachment. You can also customize the outlook security facility.

  • Contacts Manageability: MS-Outlook provides a better manageability features to users to manage their contacts. Users can import their contacts from other e-mail messages, electronic business Card, and uses photo for contacts and can also organize their contacts into groups as per their comfort.

  • Stay Connect with social life: Via using Microsoft Outlook social connector you can stay in touch with your social life like Facebook, Window Live messenger. Many of the users not aware about this vantage, but it were firstly introduced in Nov. 19, 2009 and it’s available for MS-Outlook versions of 2003, 2007 & 2010.

  • Amazing Themes: If you are still using old versions of Outlook and get bored from the color of MS-Outlook theme, then you should switch yourself on new versions as they are offering numbers of stunning themes.

  • Additional Features: Spell checks, Quick view, Voice mail transcripts, Zoom Slider and many of others key points are there, which make Microsoft-Outlook a useful or demandable in worldwide market.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the meaning full e-mail client product by Microsoft with lots of key features. It’s not just creating a bright goodwill of Microsoft’s brand also helping lots of users in aspect of managing time and information.

Top 10 basic features of Microsoft Outlook Clark Kent 4.5 of 5
Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail application suite of Microsoft for e-mail management and related jobs. Over more than millions of users arou...

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