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Best Solution To Move Google Contacts To Outlook Quickly

We can save our contacts in Google Gmail account and we can also synchronize these contact to Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook is a free web-based email client. So, to import Google contacts to Outlook, first we have to export contacts from Gmail account to a PST file then we can import that exported contacts (in PST file) to MS Outlook. Sometimes, we face some problems while we move Google contacts to Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the problems you may face in synchronization and their solutions. Apart from these, the article will also discuss an alternative method available to avoid these problems. That solution is the use of Gmail Backup tool which is a best suited third party utility for migrating Outlook contacts to Office 365.

Migrate Google Contacts To Outlook 2010, 2013, And 2016

To transfer Google contacts to Outlook, you have to follow two below mentioned steps:

  • Export Gmail contacts to PST file
  • Then, import Gmail contacts to Outlook

Follow the below-described step by step procedure to understand the work-downs in detail.

Steps to Export Google Contacts To PST File

Follow the below-mentioned steps to export Gmail contacts to PST file:

  • Log In to your Gmail account and then select Gmail > Contacts
  • Then, go to the top of contacts section and click on More > Export
  • Now, select the contacts which you want to export and then choose Outlook CSV (for importing into Outlook or another application) under export format. After that, click Export
  • When prompted, click on Save as, and browse the location to save the file. After that click on Save button to save your file at desired location

Move or Import Google Contacts to Outlook 2010, 2013 And 2016

Go through the below mentioned steps to move Gmail contacts to MS Outlook:

  • Open Outlook and then select File > click on Open & Export > click Import/Export
  • Select Import from another program or file, and then click on NEXT
  • Now, select Comma Separated Values, and then click on NEXT
  • Click on Browse to find the file which you want to import into Outlook and then select that file After that, click on NEXT
  • Select the destination folder where you want to save your file and then click on NEXT
  • After that, click on Finish button

Problems Along With Their Respective Solutions To Import Google Contacts To Outlook

There are various problems arise when users migrate Gmail contacts to Outlook. Some of these problems with their solutions are mentioned below:

Error Message Comes: If user tries to import more than 2000 contacts at a time, then they will see an error message. To avoid this problem, save contacts into smaller .csv files, and then import each newly created CSV file.

No Contacts Appear in MS Outlook: After the completion of import process, if no contacts appear in Outlook then open the CSV file which you have exported from Gmail. If there is no information present in that CSV file then delete that file. After that export contacts from Google again.

Some Contacts are Missing: After importing Google Contacts to Outlook, if you open Outlook and see that all contacts was not imported then you can do the below mentioned things to solve this problem:

  1. You can edit the CSV contact file by using MS Excel to add missing contacts information
  2. You can repeat the steps to import your Google contacts to Outlook

Unable To Retrieve Data: This error message comes when you imported empty CSV file to Outlook. To avoid this problem open your CSV to check whether there is data in it before importing that file to Outlook. If there is no data in CSV file then export your contacts from Goggle again.

CSV File Error: If you importing CSV file has poorly formatted data then a file error message will appear on your screen. To solve this problem delete that CSV file and export contacts from Gmail account again. After that, import new CSV file to Outlook.

Getting A MAPI Error: This error mainly comes when there is a problem associated with the CSV file, which you are going to import. To resolve this error open the CSV file and check that how many contacts you can import from CSV file. If you can import only 100 contacts then the problem is in row 101. To solve this problem delete row 101 and save your file as type .csv. After that import the csv file again.


There are many problems comes when user try to import their Google Contacts to Microsoft Outlook. In this post, we have discussed some of these problems with their solutions. After following these solutions, if you still faced some problem them yo can use a third party utility i.e., Gmail Backup software to import Google contacts to Outlook. This tool can migrate Gmail contacts to Outlook without losing a single bit of data. It can also import contacts from multiple Gmail account to MS Outlook. It is fast and secure method to move Goggle contacts to Outlook.

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We can save our contacts in Google Gmail account and we can also synchronize these contact to Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook is a free web-ba...


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