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Migrate Gmail to Outlook: Transfer Google Account to MS Email Client

Migrating Gmail Mailboxes to Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016

Google account and Microsoft email client are the most commonly used email clients around the world. But now many Google account users want to migrate from Gmail to Outlook 2016 because it provides many advanced features over it. Gmail is a web-based email client where Outlook is a desktop-based email client and it makes the first differences. This article discusses the different ways in which a Google account can be exported to Microsoft email client. It briefly explains the reasons why a user needs to move.

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Reasons Why We Need to Add Gmail to Outlook 2016

There are many reasons that make Gmail to MS Outlook 2013 migration important.

  • The Gmail allows Google to read your emails, to provide you advertisements related to the content of your emails.
  • Also, the advertising is extremely tiresome in Gmail accounts.
  • Outlook has options to undelete and sort emails by file size for quick cleaning.
  • The reply messages in Gmail account are composed of small screens, but Outlook has a full-screen view.
  • All the emails in the Microsoft email client account will be available even when the user is not connected to the internet.
  • Outlook has nearly unlimited storage and a 100MB limit on Attachments whereas Gmail has limited storage only.
  • It also has Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • It has an Integrated photo viewer and can also make each email to a small image gallery.
  • The Microsoft provides better features than Gmail email client and it often attracts users to import Gmail emails and contacts to Outlook 2010.

User Queries Related to Syncing Emails from Gmail to Outlook 2013

“I have been using Gmail account for years for both personal and business needs. Now my company decided to migrate to Microsoft email client account. I tried to configure Gmail account to Outlook 2013 manually, but it was little confusing and I couldn’t complete the task. Can anyone suggest a secure and easy method to transfer emails from Gmail to MS Outlook account?”

“Our company mainly uses two email client applications, i.e. one is Gmail account and other is Microsoft Outlook 2010 for more than five years. Since both accounts have many contacts and emails in it, and it is now difficult to function properly. We decided to import emails and contacts from Gmail to Outlook 2013. Now we searching a solution to solve this.”

These are the common problems that arises from the users side regarding gmail migration. And this article will provide answer to all such queries.

Manually Configure Gmail in Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016

Here it describes the manual solution and its steps to be followed for synchronizing the Google account to the Microsoft account.

Setting Up Gmail to Outlook 2016
  1. From the File menu, go to Add.
  2. Choose Manual setup or Additional server types.
  3. Two options given, choose POP or IMAP.
  4. Gmail POP settings in Outlook 2016
  5. Enter your name and Email address. Use POP3 as the account type (can also use IMAP).
  6. After that specify incoming and outgoing mail server.
    • Incoming mail server :
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) :
  7. Enter the user name and password.
  8. To enable authentication, go to More Settings >>Outgoing Server >> My outgoing server (SMTP).
  9. Then go to Advanced tab and change server port numbers. Specify incoming and outgoing server numbers like:
    • Incoming server (POP3): 995
    • Outgoing server (SMTP): 465

  10. Choose for Encrypted connection (SSL) and click OK.
  11. Click on Test Account Settings to test the settings of MS Outlook account.
  12. A message will displayed saying your account settings are correct. Then click on Next.
  13. Then click on Finish and now Outlook will be synchronized with the Gmail account.

Limitation of Manually Exporting Gmail to Outlook 2010

Manual solution to sync Gmail account to Microsft Outlook 2016 is a very lengthy process. It makes the user in confusion while selecting different options as above described. i.e. to perform manual conversion it requires some sort of technical knowledge.

Alternative Solution for Google Account to MS Outlook Migration

Since the manual methods for transferring different items of Google account to Microsoft email client has many limitations as described above. It is necessary to use a secure and faster method for moving Gmail to Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016. Here suggests a trouble free fast tool that can be used in such situations. Gmail Backup software is one of the best application available to export Gmail mailboexes. The product has many other advanced features that make it stand up in front of others.

Features of Gmail Downloading Solution
  • Saves Gmail account emails, contacts, calendars and documents
  • Supports downloading to MS Outlook, Windows live mail, Apple mail etc.
  • Support the secure backup of single and multiple users accounts
  • Has option to resume interrupted backup inorder to save time
  • Option to set-up internet bandwidth for smooth and reliable transfer
  • Free up the server space using Delete after download option
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 should be installed to convert Gmail to PST
  • It allows to secure the data at local desktop

Note: The tool supports only the free Gmail accounts for backing up the data and it doesn't save the credentials in any of its database.

Bottom Line

As we know many people around the world uses the Google email client application for sending and receiving their personal and business information. Similarly, Microsoft email client also has many users. Today many are searching for exporting Gmail to Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 and vice-a-versa. Many choose manual methods for transferring, but it is bit lengthy and time-consuming. Today trouble free alternative products are available to perform the same task. One of the best solution available is Gmail Backup Tool, which provides secure conversion of single and multiple users account data to PST and EML format. And it then migrating those files to Microsoft Outlook.

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